Very useful is the Crane Adapter for travelers who use the AQUA Logic Travel Mate. It is conveniant when you're able to use your Travel Mate water filter also in your hotel to filter the unreliable tap water during your travels.

The 'Dual Tap Adapter' makes this possible. It is simply screwed onto an existing tap and connected to the Travel Mate hose. An additional attachment makes it possible to connect the Dual Tap Adapter to a traditional tap. This way, the Travel Mate can be used in any situation!

Home Solution


The AQUA Logic Tap-C-Ultra is developed to provide safe drinking water for household use in situations where there is no safe drinking water supply available. It is also recommended for aid- and development workers and missionaries in countries or situations where the regular water supply is not sufficient as drinking water.


Travel Solution


The AQUA Logic Travel Mate is developed as a personal Water Filter for when you are traveling, on a hiking or mountain climbing expedition and for aid and relief workers deployed in a disaster area.


Replacement filter element for the AQUA Logic Travel Mate filter

Weight: 0.14 kg
Width: 4.5 cm
Length: 15.5 cm
Height: 4.5 cm