Mission Partnership

Water Filters Community Development India

The AQUA Logic drinking water filters are developed by Innologic b.v., a technical research company as commissioned by the IBOTA Foundation. The main objective of IBOTA Foundation is to provide drinking (family scale) water filters for situations where clean and safe drinking water is not available. Parts of these water filters are produced by Innologic-India in a project that improves the living conditions of the underprivileged in the city Kolkata.


IBOTA foundation and Innologic work together with several Mission Projects and Mission Agencies. Some of these work among Unreached People Groups. (e.g. missionindonesia.org)


AQUA Logic water filters help to provide in the physical needs and the spiritual needs of communities. They create access and opportunity for Mission Workers.

It is our mission to bring access to clean drinking water and Living Water.

We are ready to partner

Please contact us to talk about opportunities for your Mission Project. We are able to offer the AQUA Logic Siphon C-Ultra with a big price reduction and are willing to look into shared fundraising initiatives.


Relief and Aid Work Solution

The AQUA Logic Siphon C-Ultra concept is a unique, simple and very compact drinking water filter, designed for the growing group of people in the world who do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. 

The filter consists of a 100% organic activated carbon in combination with a composition of ultra-membranes inside. This filter is supplied with a filter stocking, with which sediments can be trapped.