Water Filters for the Mission Field

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a (growing) problem in many places in the world.


Peter Koelewijn has been developing water filters for many years now. In the first place for those in immediate need, often due to poverty or natural disasters. But also for Mission Workers and their families living on the field.


For those in need he has developed a unique and simple water filter: the AQUA Logic Siphon C-Ultra, suitable for providing a family with their daily drinking water needs. It is Peters desire that this water filter will not only give the recipient access to clean drinking water, but also to Living Water.  Often the recipient is someone from an Unreached People Group and has never had the chance to receive the Gospel.


From his vision for missions, Peter also thought of the mission workers. The AQUA Logic Tap C-Ultra he developed specifically for them. A water filter for on the kitchen counter with a direct connection to the tap. 


We, the 4 Dutch families of Mission Indonesia, live in a town on central Java. And here too the water from the tap isn't safe for consumption. Thanks to the AQUA Logic water filter on our kitchen counter, we no longer have to worry about chemicals, heavy metals, medicine residues or bacteria that can cause health problems for ourselves and especially our children. And it's nice we don't have to buy and carry heavy (environmentally polluting) water bottles anymore!


In Indonesia, thousands of people, especially young children, die every year from drinking polluted water. The need for save drinking water is a felt need.


As Mission Indonesia, we are involved in gospel distribution and church planting among Unreached People Groups. But as outsiders, we and even our Indonesian co-workers can't always just enter a village or community.


In partnership with Peter and the IBOTA foundation he founded, we distribute water filters to help them. There is a national government program for every village in the country to hear about and have access to clean drinking water. Through our community development project we now have government approved access to every village, and we're able to share Living Water with them. And with success! From our experience we see that there is at least 1 person per 10 water filters distributed who is receptive to the Good News which we can follow up by doing Discovery Bible Study together. The water filter project helps us in our goal to start a Disciple Making Movement. 


We are thankful for Peter's work and recommend the AQUA Logic water filters.

- Team Mission Indonesia -


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