Mission Tools

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Home Solution

The AQUA Logic Tap-C-Ultra is developed to provide safe drinking water for household use in situations where there is no safe drinking water supply available. It is also recommended for aid- and development workers and missionaries in countries or situations where the regular water supply is not sufficient as drinking water.

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Relief and Aid Work Solution

The AQUA Logic Siphon C-Ultra concept is a unique, simple and very compact drinking water filter, designed for the growing group of people in the world who do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. 

The filter consists of a 100% organic activated carbon in combination with a composition of ultra-membranes inside. This filter is supplied with a filter stocking, with which sediments can be trapped.


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Travel Solution


The AQUA Logic Travel Mate is developed as a personal Water Filter for when you are traveling, on a hiking or mountain climbing expedition and for aid and relief workers deployed in a disaster area.


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The AQUA Logic Gravity-C-Ultra is a drinking water filter for the most basic applications, in situations where the regular water supply is not reliable.



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How we can partner on the Mission Field

AQUA Logic water filters help to provide in the physical needs and the spiritual needs of communities. They create access and opportunity for Mission Workers. It is our mission to bring access to clean drinking water and Living Water.   Read more...